Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heated Love P1...

It's the end of August yet all week the temperature was in the 80's. As I lay in bed with beads of sweat clinging to my body, I couldn't believe the unseasonable weather that we were having. Praying for sleep to rescue me from the heat, I rolled over causing the sheets to fall from my body. The air con had gone out earlier that day, and it would be a few days before the repairman could be able to come by and look at it. So it seemed that suffering the heat was all I could do.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a freezing cold sensation. As I started to jump out of bed a strong hand held me firm. I must have drifted into sleep at some point because I had not heard him come in from work. He stood over me with a twinkle in his eyes. Pressing a finger to my lips telling me not to say a word. I looked in his other hand where he was holding an ice cube about two inches from my steamy body.

Drop by delicious cold drop, the ice melted. The water splashed against my flat stomach, trickled down to my hips, and ran down the inside of my upper thighs. I stirred and started to moan from the pleasure sensation. Slowly he lowered the ice to the center of my torso.

From there, he traced the cleavage in the center of my chiseled hair covered chest, round my nipples, up my neck, past my chin to my lips. As I slowly opened my mouth and licked the drops of cold water, he rolled me onto my stomach. I could feel him climb on top of me pressing himself against my body with a gentle but firm pressure. The ice barely touching my skin was now being rubbed across and down my back. I could feel the water forming a small pool at the bottom of my back, and then sliding down between my buttocks.

I could feel that he thought this just as exciting as I did. Every muscle in my body was longing for him to take possession of what was surely his. I could hear my breathing quicken with each second that passed. The drops of ice cold water seemed to cause my blood to boil. Lifting my hips, I could feel just how much he was enjoying this also.


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