Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holy Moly...

To mark the release of Celebration, the very talented Robin Skouteris presents his latest work showing the BIGGEST hits of the Queen of Pop in this super-duper video! You tell me now, who on earth can possibly beat that? Awesome job Robin!

Having said that, apparently a woman who lives above Madonna in Manhattan, NYC has filed a complaint with New York's State Supreme Court over claims of noise pollution.

Karen George said in papers that the performer and "her invited guests repeatedly dance and/or train" to "unreasonable high decibel amplified music". She also said she had been forced to leave the building during the sessions, which caused "noise and vibration to pour through the walls" because she found them "unbearable".

She is suing the management company of the Manhattan building, saying it has failed to act on her complaints since 2008.

Spokeswomen for the management company and Madonna have declined to comment.

Oh, for goodness sake, get a grip woman! Just get your ass out of your apartment and swap with me! I'm more than happy to have the Queen as my downstairs neighbour 24/7/365!


Brian the Bird said...

That officially kicked ass.

EMikeGarcia said...

That was pretty awesome!