Saturday, October 03, 2009


So I've been busy house hunting for the past two weeks and today I think I've finally found a room that I like in North London. Though it's not my dream home, it's still a nice location (for both work and play) and a decent place to live, not to mention I'll be sharing with four other gays, and this is gonna be my first gay house share!

Having said that, I haven't said yes to them yet simply because I 'unnecessarily' paranoid that I may find somewhere better. But what is better? Who knows? I may end up chasing that 'better' room forever! So my point is, I should stop looking for better when I've already got one in front of me. Hmm, since when does house hunting sound just like boyfriend hunting?

By the way, I was supposed to attend Madonna's London Celebration Launch Party at G-A-Y Late, but due to personal reason, I didn't manage to go and I'm not a happy bunny right now!

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Jeremiah Andrews said...

There is always that notion of "there might be something better around the corner" what limits did you put on your search, days, weeks, or months?

It might do you some good to share living with a group of people since this is a step in community direction.

Make sure this is what you really want out of a home, because once you commit, you commit. Listen to your gut, it never does one wrong.

Keep us posted. I just got a copy of Madonna's S-N-S from Buenos Aires I've been watching it in pieces on You Tube for ever. I'm sure I'll get a copy of Celebration here soon. I have to visit my local HMV...