Sunday, October 11, 2009

Immortal Pour Homme...

So I finally managed to see Matthew Bourne's production of Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray at the New Wimbledon Theatre yesterday after- noon. And surprise surprise, other than the fact that there were plenty (I mean PLENTY) of fit, gorgeous male dancers jumping dancing and touching caressing each other on stage with nothing but a pair of CK, I don't like it at all! In fact, it SUCKS, sorry Matt. Fortunately I only paid £11 (instead of £34) for the ticket or else I'd be a lot more unhappy.

Why? What went wrong? Well, personally, I didn't understand the story that it's supposed to tell me, partly because there's no dialogue throughout the entire show (plus I didn't read the story beforehand). Also, I thought the dancing was good, but not brilliant, and the stage choreography was clever, but a bit simple.

Overall, I'll give my Dorian Gray experience a disappointing four out of ten. Is it worth to see it? Maybe for the men, yes.

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