Thursday, October 08, 2009

Painted In...

Red is the one colour that evokes extreme emotions in everyone. It is a passionate colour that can lead to violence and warfare, or the flush can signal a love that transcends time.

Well, it seems like X-Posed wasn't enough for Dylan Rosser, so now he's all about Red. The new photobook amps up the erotic with images based around a colour theme.

The London-based photographer says he was aiming for a book that would be visually pleasing, "It is all about sensuality and even danger! I had already started using the colour in my work during the previous years, so once I had the book concept in my head I started to expand on what I had already done."

The 120-page book is due out this month. Kudos to Dylan for adding some diversity in his latest project. Among the standard toned, ab-licious white Caucasian guys, it also features a black guy, an Asian and a daddy with tats.

I know Christmas still over two months away, but Red can be your perfect Christmas gift to your love one! I mean, it's red, it's hot and it will keep both of you warm on a cold winter night!

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