Saturday, November 07, 2009

Adios London...

So here's a selection of photos from my trip to Madrid. All thanks to our local friend Esther for showing us around this amazing, vibrant, breathtaking city!

Although we stayed in a hotel not far from Chueca, the gay district of Madrid, I just didn't have the time to explore it simply because we were constantly eating, shopping, sightseeing, eating and eating! Oh well, maybe next time. By the way, can I just say, Spanish guys are like paella - quite hot and sizzling indeed!

The part of the trip I enjoyed the most was the day we spent in the medieval city of Toledo. Apparently, it's one of the few walled cities in the world with its original wall still fully intact! With an astounding number of historical and cultural sites and monuments, it made me feel like I was walking through the city of Gondor or Rhohan in The Lords of the Rings. Seriously, I can't urge you enough that you must go and visit if you ever get the chance!

Overall, it's a brilliant week before I start my new job on Monday. Let's just hope I'll get back on track from my holiday mood to my working routine =P


thewhitecat said...

Beautiful photos - looks and sounds like you're having a great time!!! Enjoy!!!

Darryl said...

Hi Will!! Aaron and I LOVE Madrid, Toledo and Spain in general .... it's a bit more expensive to get there from here in Atlanta than London, but so worth it. If you get a chance, travel to Segovia Spain ..... has one of the best preserved Roman aquaducts in Europe.
Good luck in London and all the best!