Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Some call her strange, some call her creative. Either way, Lady GaGa continues to WOW me despite adopting faux accents on her new material. Where Alejandro saw a GaGa with a soft Spanish accent, you can hear a slight French accent on Bad Romance. In fact, a few lines of the song are actually sung in French.

Bad Romance also has a horror side. It's subtle, but I can already see a Disturbia-esque music video in the works. With an amazing thirteen costume changes in this five-minute and fifteen-second video, this Lady will surely make you go GaGa!

Bad Romance will appear on The Fame: Monster, an eight-track mini- album that will be sold along with GaGa's released debut, The Fame. The Fame: Monster will be released on November 23rd.


Kelly said...

I posted this video also... it is fucking awesome... not just the song, but the tech side and everything else... awesome video... I actually saw her in concert here in Richmond last month... the bitch can sing... love her!!!

304 said...

Is it just me, or is that Kat Von D at 3:46?
After she "disrobes", it looks like Gaga.
But before...so Kat.

I'm so confused!!!