Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heated Love P2...

Gently he started to move in on the target of his affection. Leaning down kissing the back of my neck, moving to my earlobe nibbling softly. Pressing himself closer to me, I could feel his heart beating wildly. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me even closer to his tight body. Feeling his stiffness between my legs, I wanted him now more then ever. I could hardly be still. Rolling over to face this man that I loved, I was lost in his green eyes. I swore that I could see forever in those eyes. I reached for his hands and pulled him down closer to meet me. As he licked my chest and worked his way to my neck, a sigh escaped from my mouth. His teeth finding their mark on my neck, I reached up and grabbed a handful of his blond hair, pressing him down causing him to bite harder.

My arms and legs were wrapped around him by this point although I couldn't remember how. His hard stiff member slowly entering me, I could not help but to cry out in pleasure. Knowing that he was almost too much for me to take, he kissed me softly as if to say he didn't mean to hurt me. Pushing his way deeper into me all the same. He knew that no matter how it hurt I would take no less then all of him. Farther and farther he probed into me, going well beyond the flesh straight into my soul.

Reeling in the pleasure there was nothing but him in my universe at that moment. I could barely feel his hands caressing me as he drove me to the edge of sanity. In and out, he pumped as my body went up and down to meet his thrusts. Deeper into my ecstasy I fell. God alone only knew how long this had gone on, I had lost track of time what seemed like lifetimes ago, before I had spilled myself out covering us both with that hot creamy substance he loved to see.

He kept up his pumping, pleased that I had lost control of myself completely. For what seemed to be yet another lifetime of pleasure he continued. As he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me softly, I knew that he too had spent himself and his energy in me. As we lay there, him still inside of me, I noticed that the sun was just showing itself over the horizon, as one single golden ray fell upon us. Soon we both fell asleep right where we were, not moving since the final climax of our morning. As I felt his breath against my face, my last thought was towards our awaking once more.

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NW007 said...

So Hot and love the intimacy. To me it is so special to have cock in my ass and being deeply kissing at the same time.