Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekly Poll...

I just wonder has any of you ever played the 'eye game' with people on the bus or in the metro/subway/tube/underground (whatever you call it in your country)? Well, I just played it to a cute short blonde hair guy who sat opposite me on the bus on my way home.

The whole journey lasted about 40 minutes and we were both 'eyeing' each other all the way. Sometimes I caught him staring at me, and then he would pretend to look away after that. The fun of flirting without actually doing anything or saying a word was a thrilling experience! Of course, I would love to go up and talk to him but I was such a chicken. Oh well, maybe I'll see him on the Number 29 bus again, and we may get lucky!

Anyway, here's another week of 'eye' candy. Let's just say if you bump into these guys on the Number 29 bus, who would you play the 'eye game' with? By the way, they've all lost their shirts for some unexpected 'accident' =P

1 comment:

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

the guy in this post is hot.

the first guy in the poll is really adorable. i'd like to play more than eye game with him.

do you know his name?