Monday, November 23, 2009

You've Got One Message...

Yep, that's one of the messages that I received from a guy who I had a date recently. Of course, it's always flattering to be fancied and called nice. But is 'being nice' good enough?

For those who know me, I'm a nice genuine happy person, there's no doubt about that. However, when it comes down to love, especially gay love, I do think being nice is just NOT good enough! Apparently, I also need to be caring, be clean and safe, be confident, be fit and sexy, be forgiving, be fun, be great in bed, be intelligent, be naughty, be optimistic, be promiscuous, be sensible, be yourself... the list goes on and on. Seriously, it's close to being perfect!

I know that nobody is perfect (as Madonna once claimed). So, where the hell did I get this mentality from? I really dunno. Am I pushing myself too hard and try to be something I'm not? All I want is to impress him. Is that too much to ask?


Jeremiah Andrews said...

You hit all the points up there. All you can do is be you. To thine own self be true. But remember - we can't be all things to all people all the time.

One day at a time,One date at a time. Don't rush the process you might miss something along the way.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeremy. Stop overanalyzing and be yourself. You'll be happier in the long run and less neurotic about potential bf's.

Karen Carpenter sang it best. "Love me for what I am, for simply being me. Don't love me for what you intend or hope that I will be. And if you're only using me to feed your fantasy....You're really not in love....So let me go, I must be free...."