Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Night...

Silent night, horny night.
All is wet, all is tight!
Round your Virgin hole Daddy and Child.
Keep on beatin' so tender and wild.
Shoot in heavenly peace.
Shoot in heavenly peace.

So how is everyone's Christmas Eve? Or even Christmas Day for those whose time is ahead of the UK? Mine's good so far. Boss sent us home an hour early today and I had a coffee (I mean hot chocolate) with a guy I met before. Too bad our meet had to cut short because he had plans with his family. Unfortunately for me, I'm not with my family this Christmas (which I usually do) due to work commitment, which means I'm now updating this post ALL BY MYSELF especially for you all =P

<a href="">Christmas Really Sucks by Jay Brannan</a>

Oh come on, it's just another Thursday night so don't you dare to feel sorry for me! Though Christmas Really Sucks this year, I refuse to let it dampens my spirits!


Jeremiah Andrews said...

You spent two weeks in the far east lucky you. I hope you have a happy Christmas don't spend it alone.

Jeremy in Montreal

thegayte-keeper said...


Jeremy said...

merry christmas :-)

DAltoona said...

loving you and praying for you. My youngest bro died on Christmas day 2 yr ago. It is hard....