Friday, January 08, 2010

I Need Professional Help...

Well, I guess what makes a good date isn't necessarily WHAT you do, but rather HOW you do it. Let's just say in exactly one week's time from now, I'm planning something for a special someone and I need some good suggestions. A dinner? A movie? A drink? A hug? A kiss? Please! I'd appreciate any help I can get!


Jeremiah Andrews said...

1. dress to kill
2. wear that scent with pride
3. watch the body language
4. dinner, conversation, coffee
5. Never jump into kisses and sex on the first date
6. Be yourself
7. Be kind and generous
8. Don't be late
9. Be cool, calm and collected
10. Not too many questions
11. If he kisses you kiss back
12. There are always 12...
To thine own self be true


PR8 said...

Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Will darling,
listen to Jeremy and go over this advice daily and frequently...
the only other thing I could add would be continue to be your wonderful self and keep yourself relaxed, cool, calm and this event in God's hands and he will help you, both of you, to be together in a positive and loving way, first as friends, and then, anything beyond that. If you are really attracted to each other and complimentary of each others qualities and needs, you will know it relatively quickly. Take this event as a gift and treat it as such.
I will be praying for you.

Creative Chameleon said...

Best date I ever went on, he took me to 3 of his favorite places in town. An old bookstore I'd never heard about, a tiny family restaurant I'd never been to, and we drove 30 mins out to a field overlooking a private airport where he was taking flying lessons and watched the stars. So if You are taking Him out, PERSONALIZE it. Have the date say something about who you are :)

JackJack said...

Good luck...... I cross one's fingers for you.

dougie64 said...

I have to agree with most of what Jeremy says, but I am not sure why you cannot have sex and kisses on the first date. Go with your gut, if it feels right, do it. My husband and I had sex on our first date, were living together by the third month and are celebrating 20 years this year. AS Jeremy says "to thine own self be true" and that is the most important thing to remember.

PR8 said...

Well, technically this is gonna be our second meet but thank you once again for all your suggestions!

Brian the Bird said...

Dinner and a movie is always a good idea. Dinner gives you a chance to talk about yourselves without too much pressure. keep it casual and fun. Show him you know how to have fun.

Take care.