Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think it's quite safe to say that 95% of gay men on Earth (and this includes myself) has a profile on Gaydar or something similar.

There's no denying that I have a love/hate relationship with Gaydar. I love it SO much that I find myself logging on nearly everyday hoping to fulfill the motto of the website, What you want, when you want it. At the same time, I hate it SO much that I keep asking myself, "I've been on it for almost two years and I still haven't found what I truly wanted. Does it really work?"

Well, despite it's a time-wasting (most of the time), unproductive (sometimes), frustrating (once in a while) and addictive (all the time) website, I can assure you that Gaydar can work wonders or be a total disaster, and it all depends on what your expectations are.

From my experience, the lower my expectations, the more likely I'm to enjoy Gaydar. So based on the four 'interested in meeting for...' categories in the website, it's no surprise that it's easier to find 1-on-1 sex/group sex, email/chat or other activities (whatever that means) than friendship or relationship, which leads me to another question, "Why does Gaydar bother to give us the 'relationship' option when majority of the guys don't really mean it?"

Yes, I may take the whole Gaydar thing far too serious, but what I try to say is that when it comes to love, no matter how many miracles Gaydar performed, I'm kinda lost my faith in it. However, when it comes to hooking up, Gaydar definitely has its cruising reputation of What you want, when you want it.


JP said...

sometimes the cruising isn't the best but we all need our pickle tickled.

Puco said...

adam4adam is very good too

Jeremiah Andrews said...

I bet, that there are huge numbers of profiles with fantasy information attached. How many profiles do you imagine are true to spec?

In the era of internet speed dating and hookup probabilities, what would you rather have, a website to find "him" or a real life encounter in London?

I never put much faith in the arena of internet profiles. None of mine ever produced anything close to what I wanted. Then I met my sig other and married him. So much for online searches.

I think you are better off living life outside than in here when considering a mate. If you get sucked into a web lover you may be disappointed in the end. I am sure there are plenty of good looking gay men in London and the surrounding areas to pique your interests.

Just some thoughts.


Titeuf said...

What you say for relationships is true: nobody is really looking for it, especially not on gaydar. However, in my case, I met the love of my live going to a party that is famous in Brussels for its extravagant crowd. Maybe the fact that both of us weren't extravagant made us stand out & meet each other!!
That night we didn't think we were going to be an item in 2 years time.
You see: love is a funny little thing that happens at most unexpected moments & places!

So bottomline: don't search for love, let love find you!

Anonymous said...

My partner of 12 years and I met through Gaydar. That was in a previous century so maybe things were different then! LOL

As happy today as we were back then.

Daniel said...

My partner and I met through Gaydar.

That was in a previous century so maybe things were dfferent then. LOL.

12 years and still happy.