Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dylan Rosser did it again! Following his success on RED and X-Posed, the London-based photographer has published yet another highly anticipated photobook, 100.

The idea behind Rosser's new book is to celebrate his 100th model added to his website, The Male Form, which he launched last year in an effort to centralize and provide easier access to his work.

"What started as a small showcase for my work has grown consider- ably," says Rosser. "And that's because of the wonderful support of the site's members, and of course, all of the models. I'm expecting the core customer of 100 to be members of my website, so that makes the book more of a niche project. I didn't feel it was something your typical book publisher would be interested in, so I decided to self-publish this project."

The 120-page book will feature colour and black-and-white images of Rosser's models in an A to Z format. The retail price for paperback is £29.95, and £37.95 for hardcover.

100 will go on sale on April 1 through so be sure you put in your order while the boys are still HOT!

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Anonymous said...

Don't all this guys work all around Soho pubs?? I believe I recognice a few!!!!!!!