Tuesday, March 23, 2010


God Help The Outcasts by Bette Midler

Will I be whipped with 100 lashes if I made this post on the internet? No. Will I be disowned by my parents if they found out about TMOP? No. Will I be hanged if my friends saw me having a night out in a gay bar? No. Will I be burned forever in Hell if I fell in love with another man? No. Damn, am I a lucky gay? Yes.

Well, it may be a simple Q&A for most of us, but REMEMBER, not all our brothers and sisters in this world could answer a straight FOUR "yeses" and ONE "no" without even thinking about themselves, their families, their friends, their job, their religion, their government or their God. It's a bit sad to think that our sexuality (who we can love) is 'decided' not by us but by outer forces or how others view us. Seriously, what has it to do with them?!

OUTCAST HEROES: The Story of the Gay Muslims
Attitude Magazine, 2004

All photos credit/copyright Karel Polt.

Ali Orhan is laughing. We're sitting in the café in the Docklands ASDA (no expenses spared here at Attitude!) and he is chuckling the most terrible, melancholic chuckle I have ever heard.

He is describing a day eighteen years ago when he picked up his parents at Heathrow airport. He was 21 years old, and they were returning from their annual holiday to Turkey. Ali knew he was gay, he had always known, but his sexuality wasn't flickering across his mind that that summer day, as he stood waiting in the arrivals lounge. He saw them waddling towards him with their suitcases and a strange woman. He waved. He had bought his mother a bunch of flowers. His parents had brought something for him too: a wife. READ ON...


dougie64 said...

Great article, thank you for including it on your site. I really do take for granted the life I lead and reading this article was such an eye opener.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

A true testament of faith for this young man. He gives a hope to those who follow behind him. I admire this young man's courage. True, it could have turned out much worse. He still has his faith, and that faith will define him for the rest of his life.

Thanks for sharing. Like others, we may take this life for granted. We need to read more stories like this one so that we don't forget those who still struggle.

Jeremy in Montreal.