Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garment & Shoulders...

Affection is a ready-made garment made up of loneliness and lust, just waiting for a suitable pair of shoulders to cling to.

The thing is, this piece of garment has tried a few pair of shoulders but it just keeps slipping off, over and over. Not because the shoulders are out of shape, in fact most of them are quite broad and presentable, it's just that sometimes the material of this piece of garment is far too sensitive for the skin, or the shoulders are not ready to be covered up.

Whatever the reason, whenever the garment is about to settle comfort- ably, the shoulders will shrug it off to the floor. Thankfully, since the garment is made of such good quality material, it'll always be picked up and tried out until the day when the right pair of shoulders comes along and bring it home.

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twinkly said...

I hope someone with an eye for quality and the good sense to see that a well made piece is worth maintaining before the moths start nibbling at the seams. Once the moth gets to it no one really wants it any more. Trust me, I know.