Sunday, April 18, 2010

Second Chance...

In the past one month, I've been involved with three different guys, an attractive one from a night out, a mature one from the internet, and a dearly one from when I was in Reading.

Life is strange. Sometimes you think you don't have any choices but to force yourself to move on, and then out of the blue, he reappears in your life and you end up with too many choices.

Why is he coming back? What does he want? Sex? Maybe. Friendship? I don't mind. Relationship? I wish. I'm confused...

My friend once told me that gay boys come and go like the seasons, the sun rises, the rainstorms, the wind — that is until you find the right one. Honestly, his advice helped me realize that if one doesn't work, another will come in time and I can try again. Well, I guess everyone (including myself) deserves a second chance right?


raulito said...

Lucky you...count your blessings and thank your lucky stars...but then again you are probably drop dead gorgeous anyhow so it is not surprising you have the luxury of being able to choose.
love your blog.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Well, it seems that after your move to London you went from famine to feast in short order. Yes I am paying attention.

Yes the flavor of the day is a way of life for some. Don't get caught up in that drama.

My experience in life told me that I had to choose what kind of life I wanted and then let the universe take me where it would take me.

At least you don't have to deal with hiv disclosure as I have in my life. I would offer that you should remember to be true to yourself and make wise decisions about who you want to date, and where that pool originates to choose from.

Enjoy yourself and don't do anything stupid. You will find your way, I am sure. Don't compromise your morals and be honest, to yourself and to others.

Stay off the "flavor of the day trolley." It will only bring you misery and drama.

Enjoy the ride and always be on the lookout for MR. RIGHT don't settle for mr. right now. You never know when the diamond is gonna show up - he may need a tumbling in the polisher, that's what a relationship entails. So pay attention to the little things and listen.

Keep us posted, party boy ...

A Famed drag queen I once knew always said to us boys ....

Wash your fruit before you eat it, and if you are drinking and driving drive another mans car because you might hit a bump and spill your drink.



Darryl said...

Truer words were never spoken than by Jeremy! As we've discussed in the past Will ......... if you stay true to who you are, the "right one" will come along when you least expect it. Until then, keep your eyes, heart and ears open and ... have a damn good time!

Darryl in Atlanta