Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Four Pr8 Vids...

Australian drag queens Joyce Maynge and Decoda Secret brought their Gaga dance moves to a rumble in Sydney Harbor together with 150 dancers.

Naked Footy Boys! Naked Footy Players! Check out some of the hottest guys in footy stripping their gear off to rasie money for 'charity'.

Hold on to your seats! Just when you thought Sue Sylvester's Vogue Madonna remake is one of the gayest highlights of Glee this season, here's another one. Physical by Olivia Newton John!

And last but not least, should I finish this post off with a porn video? Hmm, I think I should. Enjoy =P


tickledpink said...

these made my day! I love your randomness!

Anonymous said...

Top Harry quite a character. He pounds like a champion. Really polite, "Sorry . . . . Sorry." Doesn't seem attracted to his bottom as he is to Harry. Would like to have seen Harry's face more as he ogasmed.