Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Penis...

I saw this interesting documentary, where the producer with a small penis explores the issue of guys worrying about their own penis size.

I understand the programme is probably catered more towards straight men but I think the issue applies to ALL males, including gays. If not, there won't be such thing called the Size Queens!

Do you feel comfortable about your size or do you wish you were bigger? Are you embarrassed to talk to a real person about your dick (as supposed an anonymous online chat)? And what size are you (if you are comfortable to disclose it)? Are you a Size Queen?

As for me, I've always been happy with my 5½ inches and have never wasted time thinking I wanted it bigger, fatter, longer, or otherwise besides the way it is. It's a very nice dick, and we get along just great! Whether I'm a Size Queen or not, let's just say average is better than too big, and average is better than nothing =P


GayQuizzy said...

I'm 8" and I wish I could get it as hard as the 2nd guy on the page. Smaller cocks appear to be much harder than bigger cocks, especially as the man ages. I would love to get hard like when I was 18!

Daddy Blade said...

Mine is a little bit bigger (6.9), and my husband's is a little bigger than mine. I have no problem with your size. It sounds like fun. Especially with your face and attitude. But when I am in a sexy situation, like, say, the baths, if I'm not hard I get ignored. I have a large size differential between hard and not, and when I'm not I'm only about an inch, maybe two, and totally dwarfed by my big balls. But, seriously, sex is about sooo much more than just your penis, much less the size, eh?

Joseph said...

I used to wish I had a bigger one (I'm between 13-15 cm, that's a little short to 6 inches I believe, pun intended) coz my brothers all have longer ones... But since I have an actual sex life, I've discovered there are littler ones that work rather well & I've been told that I can use mine just fine!
Besides, my cock is quiet fat in the middle (18 cm around; 7 inches), wich seems to be pleasurable, as is the "S" overall profile (bended at the base third & at the head).

Brian said...

Let me just say that this was possibly one of my favorite posts..and I do read them all.
I'm currently going to school to be a psychiatrist with a focus on sex therapy.
Great time
Thank you.
btw 6inches.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5.5, and although I've always considered this to be average... and have never really cared to much about it, I've recently been noticing that all my male friends are all 10 + inches. I have to admit, I was starting to worry that maybe I was on the short end. It is good to know however that size isn't everything... it's how you use it that counts!

peroxide promise said...

I'm glad somebody is so willing to be open about this subject because sometimes it feels like there's nobody to consult this about.
I'm 5 1/2 inches too, when I was younger I used to really wish that mine was larger because the boys I played with always had cocks that I felt made mine look like a tootsie roll. Now that I'm older I feel a lot more comfortable with my size, and my boyfriend doesn't complain.
As for being a size queen, not me, personality is so much more important that the size of a guy's dick.

Jai Maddox said...

Mine is 5.5. Im happy with the girth but not happy with the length.

JP said...

I'm 7inches and some days I wish I was bigger while other days I'm getting more comfortable.

Jared said...

Mine is too big. I greatly enjoy it (and it's the only reason guys would be even remotely interested in me) but my current boyfriend has a difficult time with it. He's never had anything so big, so sex has been put on the backburner for the time being. I'm 8 inches long and 6 inches around. I do wish I was around the 6.5 and 7 inch range.

I know, I know, I should be thankful for what I have. I call it a gift and a curse.

GayQuizzy said...

Jared, you can never be "too big". I am also 8x7, uncut, and I love it. Just wish I could afford the injections to get a real hardon more often.

Titeuf said...

First of all I took the time to watch the video entirely... I hope everyone else who posted here did.
I found it a very surprising story (Not the fact that people don't talk about it openly, but about the surgery guy "Jarred" and especially about the exhibition results). I don't think I would go ahead and take a picture and add it like that to the exhibition. That was definitely brave of those guys.

Now about your question, I am very happy about mine, which is 7.3 inches long, and so is my boyfriend. I don't mind for others about their sizes, I do about hygiene... Believe me, all sizes can get me excited, but not all shapes and smells!!

Thanks, PR8, for sharing this conversation here!

304 said...

This is epic.
Thank you soooo much for posting!
This was a great documentary.
I was "sucked" into it from the beginning! It was truely well made and amazing.

I already understood penis anxity.
But, this was just amazing.
I love that man and wish I was as self-loving as he is.
I'm 5.0 and I do wish I was bigger. I feel the anxity and etc. But I'm sure with time, I'll feel just fine about it. and I'm 18. :O So I'm in the age, ya know? Sigh. Lol.

BTW. Anyone notice Gorillaz was the background music at 01:18?? :]

Thank you for posting the full documentary PR8!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

As an Asian, looking at Caucasian porn models just demoralizes me. The only guy I jerked off with has a much bigger one than mine, and that image stucked and haunted me. I've never shown mine to anyone else, virgin alert here... I'm worried that people may laugh at me. But at my age right now, I jerk off everyday. Is it good or bad...or just sad?

Anonymous said...

well let me say this
i do believe that our perception of size in our gentile has been changed since the time we started to watch porn and that is the norm.
hell... before this video i always thought i had a small size ...
i have a 9"length and 3" or 4" around.
i cant believe how i was brain washed to believe that i need it to be huger , bigger, and larger
and that is partially the fault of the media.

Anonymous said...

I am 6" cut by like 3" and I can certainly tell you that everyday this bothers me. I have become envious and jealous of guys that are "larger" then me, which often times seem to be just about everybody. I think this started to bother me more and more when I had people cheat on me. I felt at the time, if my dick were bigger it would have satisfied them more and they would no have had to go elsewhere. Often times I hear the "size dont matter" bullshit, but then why in the hell does people only seem to talk about how "big" someone was? I am confident in my abilities in bed and hold off until my partner gets off which has been as long as two hours. On the flip side I think to myself "maybe if I were bigger they would feel it more and would have gotten off much sooner. Its a double edged sword for me. I lack esteem and confidence because I fear someone may laugh at me when they see the size of my cock so I rarely approach guys and girls I am attracted to for that very same reason. On the other hand all of my sexual partners have no problem with my size and seem to enjoy its magic, including those that have cheated on me because they always want to come back for

Philip said...

I'm a Caucasian with a 6" piece and my younger Asian husband has a 5.5" weapon. I've seen and played with plenty of all different sizes, shapes and colours... and honestly it makes no bloody difference - it is all in your head!!

My husband used to complain that his is too small, and as I always said, "too small for what?".

If someone laughs or teases you about your penis, then just get the hell out of there - don't let some c**t get you down or play with your self-esteem. People talk about size being important - where does big mean tender, or wow, or sensual, or hard, or action packed, or fun, or beautiful - it doesn't. Most big dicks I've played with were a major disappointment - poorly used, while most smaller ones have real spirit and get up and go.. and go and go :) Technique will *always* be the winner in the day - not size.

Sorry, but I feel bad for guys with big dicks... and as they get older and gravity kicks in, their dicks rarely get to look at the sky too often!!

Men (yes I'm an Army officer); love your cock, worship it, then get out there and show the world just how bloody fantastic it is. And that's an order.