Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guilty Pleasure...

For the first time ever in the history of TMOP, I'm featuring someone very special as your forth anniversary Guilty Pleasure!

Taken from his room in North London with his Canon G9 camera, William (aka PR8) the mastermind behind TMOP is showing his LOVE of his softies collection in nothing but a pair of Gregg Homme Sky Brief! And the result? It's his pleasure to fulfill your pleasure! HAPPY FOURTH ANNIVERSARY =]


k said...

OMG!!!! I never believed in being psychic but this is exactly what I was hoping for. You look fab!!!!! Now that you've started, you have to keep posting pics of yourself. Congrats again on 4 years.

Yuri said...

Hurray! Four Fierce and Fab years of TMOP! The fourth year anniversary gift by modern standards dictates that linen and/or silk is in. I think those undies do just. :)

Congratulations and thank-you!
You're blog could be called a Gay Teenager's sanctuary.
That's coming from one, so thank-you again and I hope there are many more years to come!


Anonymous said...

Well done, congratulations and a huge and sincere hug (Gregg Homme briefs optional) from the land down under.
Here's to the next four years, Wonderboy


Four roses - one for each year ;-)


Ace said...

Omg...I WANT one of those cactuar dolls! I love FF and it looks so cute!