Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now This Is Trashy...

I don't normally read newspapers unless I happen to be somewhere where one is lying around. So I found a trashy Sun left on the tube last night and as I flipped through the paper, one of the rather silly agony aunt stories caught my eyes.

Sexy Plumber fixed leak - then tinkered with me

Dear Deidre,

A HUNKY young plumber come to fix my washing machine and ended up having a fling with me.
We're having wonderful sex behind my husband's back and I feel so guilty.

I'm 24 and my husband is 26. We have a two-year-old son. We're very happy and I never thought I was the type to cheat.

My washing machine flooded so I got the name of an emergency plumber from Yellow Pages. He's really dishy and we got on so well that by the time the machine was fixed he asked me out for a drink.

I didn't see harm in meeting up again. We had a pub lunch together while my husband was at work. Meetings continued for a few weeks but recently we started doing rather more than lunch or drinks. He's brilliant lover and I've never known sex like it. The more I get the more I want!

I know what I'm doing is wrong but when we're together it all seems so right somehow. I wake up in the night thinking about him. Then I feel guilty and resolve to end it.

As you'd expect, the all-time-sensible Deidre advised Lucky B*tch (who already had endless steaming hot sex with her hunky plumber!) that instead of risking her (not-so-worth-saving) marriage, she should talk to her husband about putting fun back into their love life and making plans for sex sessions together while ending her fling with Mr. Plumber.

And last but not least, Deidre offered her Spice Up Your Sex Life leaflet to Lucky B*tch, which would give her some ideas - with her ever-so-boring husband or sexy hunky plumber?

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Jaartal said...

Does the hot plumber have a gay twin?

We could share him PR8, haha