Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Heaven's Sake...

Tomorrow the Pope will be visiting the UK in his capacity as head of state of the Vatican City, rather than as the head of the Catholic Church, so the trip is being allocated taxpayer funding. Cheeky!

Now, I'm cool with the Catholics and I've no 1-2-1 issue with the Holy See, except he much prefers me to love a woman and have bareback sex, but spending our hard-earned money (£12 f*cking million) on Papal visit? I'm sorry, unless he's gonna do a mass at Heaven, the whole spending is simply unjustified!

I mean, if Gaga and Madonna both manage to do it, then surely Jesus Christ Plc should be paying for the Pope to go on tour, right?


Jeremiah Andrews said...

They have said that Benedict is no John Paul II. He is much older and not so much a "groupie Pope" unlike his predecessor.

The church has plenty of money, I wonder what the Queen has to say about the money the UK spent on this visit?

With all the scandal going off these days and the money being shelled out in settlements, you wonder why Benedict is traveling.

The church is hurting for support from European nations, after the death of John Paul II, stock in Catholicism in Europe and the UK have dropped drastically.

Maybe he is hoping for a renewal of faith for some Brits.

We shall see how the protests mar this visit and WHO receives him and who gets SNUBBED. Better keep an eye out for those issues to show up on the BBC.

Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the spending being wrong, but you're being an idiot mocking an entire religion in this context.
I can hardly believe all the '£12 f*cking million' were taken out of our pocket only, so don't act so utterly bitter and try to stick to some objective reasoning maybe (of which there is enough after all) instead of behaving like a rebelious teenager without without brains and arguments.