Monday, September 27, 2010

What A Week...

Gosh, after an entire week of my Hairy Special, I think you all have had enough of hair right? Or am I wrong? Anyway, I've been busy with my personal life lately and there are three new things in particular that have come to my attention this week.

First of all, I've started my one year part-time Graphic Design course last week (something that I always wanna do but never get around to) and it's BRILLIANT! Soon or later, this blog will be filled with my creat- ions so watch this space!

Secondly, I went to my first ever opera performance at the ENO on Saturday and it's BRAVO! If any of you have the chance to see Faust, directed by Des McAnuff, don't miss it!

And last but not least, I had my first clubbing and darkroom experience at Lovechild at Fire on Saturday and it's MADDNESS! I must say the club was packed with some of the most gorgeous guys in London, but the darkroom was a bit of a put off (well, at least to me). Nevertheless, it's interesting to see men sucking and f*cking so openly where anyone could just join in!


lvted said...

Good to hear that!
I think you really have potential in Graphic Design, keep it up! :)

Sven said...

Ha, ha! I really love the first picture. You look so cute.

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