Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Luv You...

Just came home from a freezing winter night to see my hot gorgeous idol Jay Brannan at Barfly, Camden, and can I just say, good job with the Spanglish Jay =P

Guess what? Tonight was my third time to see Jay live and he NEVER fails to put on anything less than an excellent show. Besides, I was lucky enough to have a photo taken with him before the show starts! Woohoo, at last one of my (many) dreams has finally come true!

Leaving London, Jay will continue his UK tour in York on October 24 and Cambridge on October 25. After that, he'll be touring Canada and the USA in November and December. Please check Jay's upcoming appearance for more details.


dougie64 said...

So he is worth seeing? He is coming to Toronto, so if you say so, I will go!

Kevin said...

I think he is very cocky, I mean VERY.