Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Sweet Dream...

I had such a weird dream last night that I wanna share it with you. Maybe you could help me interpret it? And just for your information, my parents are still happilly married after almost 30 years =]

In my dream, I was still in the closet and my parents were somehow living seperately from each other.

One evening, mum and I decided to visit dad at his flat only to discover a young guy had moved in with him and they were intimately cuddling each other in bed. As you could imagined, mum was fuming mad and had a big go at my dad.

I left the flat immediately and so did my dad's new 'lover'. As we stood outside the flat, he asked if I was okay. I nodded smiling. In my head, I was actually relieved and happy to find out that my dad was gay, just like me.

Yes, as weird as the dream gets, it might be a nightmare for my mum, but it's definitely a sweet dream for me.

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