Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time Flies By...

Guess what? Today marks my one year of living in London and I just can't believe how fast those 365 days went by! So, what's the same and what's different? Here's a quick summary.

For the sames - I'm still single (and open for application). I still live in the same house and work the same job. I still exercise by going to the gym and playing gay squash. I still volunteer for Pride London. I'm still healthy and I'm happy and proud with the way I am. I'm still shy to talk to guys in the bar. Madonna is still my Queen of Heart (even though she's not been doing much lately). Oh, and I'm still writing The Ministry of Pleasure =]

Now for the differences - I've made lots of new friends. I've discovered ballet and opera and started a new graphic design course. I'm no longer afraid to walk into a gay bar. I've stopped volunteering for GMFA. I'm more confident in bed simply because I've slept with more men than before =P I've gone out more, but at the same time, I've experienced the gay scene a bit more and realised just how good and bad it can get. Oh, and last but definitely not least, I've spent more!

Seriously, moving to London has given me more than I'd expected, and the best bit is that there are still a lot more I can do (and men I can meet =P) in this big city. Of course, not everything may go the way I hope for it to go (not everything in life is fair) but who cares? I just be myself and live everyday to the fullest because time flies by!


Anonymous said...

Amazing just how quickly time flies by. As an avid follower of "the Ministry..", I have seen (read) so much growth and development on your part. Let me say, you should be Very proud of All of your accomplishments as well as your loyalties. And Thank You for sharing it all with us. I, for one have enjoyed and empathized with it all (yes, even the not so great stuff - but it shows your strength and ability to grow). Cheers to you; Your past, present and future.

A.d. said...

this is amazing...good luck :)