Tuesday, November 30, 2010


If YES are your answers to the above questions, then you may just have the power to make our gay community a safer place from AIDS!

Basically, one of my dear friends is undertaking a university research project on the current attitudes and approaches men have to anal sex in order to dispel the myths around the increasing rise in HIV and AIDS cases, particularly in the UK.

So, on behalf of him, I'd really be appreciated if you guys could spare 5-10 minutes on this short, confidential, online questionnaire. I mean, 10 minutes is not a lot to ask for, right? Plus it's all for a good cause!

For more information on the research, please visit www.u-sex.org.uk. Thanks a million =]


Titeuf said...

I filled it in on your request

Anonymous said...

what's the last image from? with the 2 guys in bed?