Friday, November 12, 2010

No Worries...

No Worries by Simon Webbe

Following up on my previous post on the recent bullying and suicides of gay youth across America, which supposedly the most liberal and open-minded country in the world, it makes me wonder what's it really like to be a gay American teen? And will it really get better?

First of all, I think I can kinda relate myself to some of these teens. I mean, culturally, being gay and Chinese is quite a contradiction. Being gay means wild, bold, sexual, and modern, while being Chinese means tame, obedient, asexual, and traditional. That's why I went in to hiding/pretending, I was afraid to come out in school, in university, in my 20s because, well, it's scary to be 'different', to be made fun of, to be alone. Did I make the right choice? Yes and no. I mean, I didn't get bullied or picked-on, but at the same time, I wasn't my true self either. Yes, I sacrificed my happiness for a life of security. Was it really worth the price I paid? Back then, yes, but now? Hell no!

So, will it get better? Of course I really hope It Gets Better, but I think there need to be more mainstream examples of how adults are succeeding (or struggling) as gay adults. Though celebrities do have a public platform, it may not be the most realistic platform. More realistic role models would lead to more realistic expectations. So though I applaud their efforts, I think we need more than celebrities to address this issue. Having said that, it's good that people are aware of the problem and are doing their part to help!


alx said...

It was very rough being a gay teen in America. To the world America is the land of the free, but our freedom is limited by the people we share our country with. Religion still plays a HUGE part in political decisions, despite the fact that at the founding of this country they declared a separation of Church and State. Because of this things like Gay Marriage and Abortion are still struggling to be legalized. I grew up in the south, which is known for still being very traditional, and it was rough, people sought out the ones who were different and made fun of them, treated them like shit for who they were. And the sad thing is, I moved to New Jersey, which is basically an entire state of New York City suburbs, and there is even prejudice here. I didn't expect it, because you know people move to places of more diversity because there is less prejudice, but apparently not always so. Things aren't as bad as they might be in a country like Egypt, where from what I understand homosexuality is illegal, and punishable by death.(That could have changed in recent years, I can't be sure)But we gays are still striving to be accepted.
I also feel that it's harder for gay men to be accepted opposed to lesbians. But that's just me. Hope this gives you some insight! Feel free to ask me any questions!

PR8 said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion Alx. Sounds like being gay can be tougher in the U.S. than in the U.K. (depends on where you live). Having said that, and I'm not judging their action, but to me, committing suicide is the same as quitting, it's not making a resolve. The fact is s/he's running away from making the resolve. Yes, life can be harsh and tough, but it only gets worse if you don't make the best of it! For gayness sake, if others don't give you a chance, at least give YOUSELF a chance, things will get better. TALK to someone you trust about it and KNOW that you are NOT ALONE! Don't let go! Never give up, it's such a wonderful life!