Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Achievement In...

It's been almost a week in HK and I'm starting to live like a Hongkie (people from HK) once again. I mean, the weather gets warmer, the pace of living gets faster, the food tastes much better (and cheaper) and everyone around me suddenly gets shorter =P

So what have I done so far? Well, mainly shopping, eating and family gathering, the usual stuff really. However, something exceptional happened last night which I so want to share it with you guys. Guess what? I visited a gay sauna for the first time in my life!

Long story short, I was chatting with a Hong Kong-based South Afrian on Gaydar during the day, and since he couldn't accomondate, he suggested to meet at a sauna. To my surprise, I kindly agreed, partly because it's one thing that I'm always curious about, and partly he's too hot to ignore. Anyway, the whole experience was quite daunting but he really put me at ease. And the sex? It's exciting and fun! Will I visit again? Let's just say now I know what it's like so it won't freak me out as much as before =P


Anonymous said...

bbbooooo to "less eye candy". Dom

Running 2 Nowhere said...

This photo reminds me of the late (and back then... very hot) British actor Michael Billington from the 1969 TV series UFO.