Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Australian Floods...

BBC News, 11 January 2011, Last updated at 22:48.

Up to 20,000 homes are now at risk in Brisbane, the Queensland state premier has said, as deadly floodwaters surge towards Australia's third city. Brisbane CBD was a ghost town, with electricity cut and thousands urged to either evacuate or stay at home.

West of Brisbane, the city of Ipswich is set to reach a flood peak of 22m in the next few hours, in a situation described as "total chaos". In the meanwhile, rescuers are preparing for a "gruesome" day searching for victims elsewhere.

This is what Brisbane and the rest of Queensland are facing with right now, a heavily flood of 50 years. I used to live (Kelvin Grove) and work (Woolloongabba) in the city and I still have few friends there. Therefore I'd like to send my regards to those affected by the flood. May you be safe, protected and not be injured. God Bless.


Rob said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts.
They will be greatly appreciated by many affected by the floods.

Jimmy said...

I stayed in Toowoomba over a year ago on vacation for a couple days. At that time, they had faced the worst storms I've ever been through and now I could only imagine what they are going through now in such a beautiful nation. My thoughts and prayers go out to the great people of Aussieland, especially the State of Queensland.

Craig said...

Wooloongabba? I wanna hear that with your accent. I bet it sounds hot pr8! lol

I too am keeping a watchful and slightly;y worried eye on our friends to the south.

Aussies are not as used to floods as some of us rivercity Americans are.