Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A patient came up to me on the ward today (remember, I work in a psychiatric hospital) and asked, "Dear Pharmacist, can you SERIOUSLY tell me what does P.C.P. stand for?" I thought for a while wondering if it's a short name of a drug, a medical condition or a medical procedure before I told him I didn't know.

He wasn't impress with my answer and raised his voice, "YOU called yourself a pharmacist and YOU don't even know what it is?" I shoke my head and asked if he could give me more infomation, but he cut my question short and said, "P.C.P stands for Popcorn and Porn. Learn your acronym pharmacist!" He walked away leaving me speechless.

Oh well, HERE is one horny porn clip for you but without the popcorn. Absolutely love the expression on his face towards the end, and that's exactly the way I feel just watching him!

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