Thursday, February 03, 2011


Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜發財! To be honest, we don't really need to Fa Cai, I rather everyone be Shen Ti Jian Kang! 身體健康! Yes, it's Chinese New Year today and it's the Year of the Rabbit. I'm not a rabbit, but instead a goat, and here's my fortune in 2011:
  • There'll be pay and promotion opportunities at work but there'll be dispute or misunderstandings cause by some people around who are out to damage you.
  • Average wealth, you may also find it hard to amass your wealth, although there are profitable investments, it's better to be conservative and not be greedy.
  • Be it for male or female, opportunities with the opposite (or same - thanks to Westernstock) sex will be plenty this year. Single men and women in search of a relationship this year should take the initiative early to find a partner to end their singlehood status.
  • Pay more attention to safety while driving and be sure to obey traffic rules of speeding and drink driving.
Hmm, sounds reasonalble. Not a bad year, eh?


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

happy new year! stay healthy, and may great fortune come your way

Westernstock said...

Happy New Year. But do you really need opportunities with the opposite sex?

PR8 said...

LOL! I just cut and pasted it. You do have the point though! Well done!

pav said...

Shen Ti Jian Kang! 身體健康!

Is this the Year of "The One"?

Luv U Darling Will!


Lvted said...

Gong hei fatt choi!!!
Enjoy your CNY.

Lukius said...

Happy Be-lated Asian New Year! Or as I say it Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! You're the same year with my brothers; I guess I won't have to look up their fortune for this year lol. Best wishes in finding your extra half!