Sunday, March 06, 2011

Oh Dear...

Being a pharmacist for nine years, I haven't heard of such bizarre, yet very interesting scenario! According to PinkNews, a French man is suing pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo because he claims that a drug used to treat his Parkinson's disease turned him into a gay sex addict!

Didier Jambart, a married father from Nantes, began taking Requip (Ropinirole) in 2003 but says his behaviour changed dramatically as a result. His lawyers say he became addicted to gay sex and indulged in risky behavior which led to him being raped. He is also said to have started cross-dressing, exposing himself on the internet and gambling.

Mr. Jambart says his behaviour led to him losing the family's savings and attempting suicide three times. He stopped taking the drug in 2005 and his behaviour returned to normal. However, he says that his addictions caused him psychological trauma and he was demoted at work. He is seeking damages from Glaxo and from his neurologist, who he says did not warn him about the drug's side effects.

Hmm, as far as I know, all anti-Parkinson agents have the potential to cause psychosis and/or obsessive-compulsive behaviours, although it's kinda rare. Having said that, why does Mr. Jambart only interested in gay sex? Could it be possible that he is using side-effect as an excuse to hide his sexuality?

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