Sunday, May 29, 2011

U-sex BB...

Recently, I caught up with my friend who is still busy doing his U-sex research for the City University, London.

To me, and many of you, the whole subject of HIV and barebacking is a serious matter and I would appreciate if you could spend few minutes on
this interesting interview between me and Matt.

Of course, any comments are welcome, and it would be even better if you fit the bill of Matt's research and help him out! Cheers in advance!


Anonymous said...


You are a great interviewer. I am always impressed with the way you lead the interview discussion with prescient questions that get to the meat of the matter. Thank you for sharing that talent of yours.

On a separate note, your passionate, caring personality is totally evident in this blog and all the interesting things you post. I do hope you find wonderful loving people to journey with you in your life. You are a very gentle soul.



PR8 said...

Thank you Hikerrob. That's... very kind of you to say that. I'm totally flattered :)

Westernstock said...

Good to know this research is going on. Can't help, don't live in London. Even if I will be there tomorrow and the day after!

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever notice it's written barebaRking????
What's that? somthing to do with a dog??