Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watching Window...

As I write this, I'm sitting at my desk, looking out at the residential building opposite. I can see into a flat, and there on the sofa is a gorgeous broad pair of tanned shoulders supporting a cute face. I feel a slight stirring in my briefs under the desk.

To my disappointment the head and shoulders disappear, as he lies back on the sofa. Then, to make up for it, a well formed pair of golden legs rest themselves on the back of the sofa, every now and then lifting to flex a foot.

As I imagine one of those toes slipping into my mouth I feel my cock getting stiffer, straining the briefs and the pinstripe trousers I'm wearing. I loosen my tie and stand up to get a better view. As I close my office door and walk over to the window, I undo the top three buttons of my shirt, as I feel my chest starting to flush a little. It's getting hot in here.

What have I missed? He's sitting up again. He seems to be staring. Sh*t! This could be embarrassing. What should I do? Look away? I don't think I can! I keep staring.

He stands up. He's wearing just some khaki pants, clearly shorts. He has a bronzed, hairy chest, really well defined pecs. He's walking to the window, is he annoyed? He stomach is nice and flat, and his shorts hang low, I can see tan lines and furry brown pubes.

I squeeze my cock through the fabric of my trousers. He seems to smile, and leans one arm up the window frame. Great biceps, man I could lick em! Interesting reaction. Maybe I need to keep notching it up. I reach into my shirt and squeeze my nipple, my other hand still holding my crotch.

Yes, he definitely smiles. Then he puckers his lips into a blowing motion and reaches up to squeeze both his nips. F*ck! I run back and lock the door, I can't handle visitors right now! I undo some more buttons, so my shirt is now open, my smooth chest exposed, and start playing with both nipples.

He undoes the top button of his shorts, then bends over to drop them, revealing his jockstrap. He motions for me to take the shirt off, so I do.

Now, I'm standing in my office shirtless, with a huge bulge, praying no-one knocks my door. He is squeezing his jock crotch now and clearly enjoying it. He turns round to give me a view of a perfect bubble but, nice white ass in contrast to the tanned skin. F*ck! I want to stroke my cock off right here!

He turns around and puts a hand in his jock. Now he's really stroking it, with one hand behind his head he licks his bicep. What a pornstar!

My hand is now in my trousers, smearing the precum over the head of my cock. He runs his thumbs round the waist band of his jock as though he's gonna slide it off but then pulls his hands out and gestures to me as if to say "after you".

Shit! I wanna see what he's got. It's so f*cking risky to get naked in my office. F*ck! What the hell, okay. I undo my belt, and my button and my fly, and drop them to reveal my tight white briefs.

True to his word, he pulls down his jock to reveal a big hard glistening cock. He bends down and picks up the jock and holds it to his face.

F*ck! I drop my briefs. Now standing naked with my shoes on and my pants round my ankles I start stroking furiously. He follows my lead. I am so horny and the thought of the riskiness is adding to it.

I need to cum, my head is starting to roll. I feel the electricity surge through my cock. My nipples tingle. I barely stifle a groan and a huge spurt of white cum erupts onto the window. That's what he was waiting for too, and I watch as he squirts and thrusts his hips to gush out a huge load.

There's cum on my window, and before I know what I'm doing I see myself licking it off as he finishes squirting. My whole body tingling and warm as I stand there vulnerably.

Just then a knock...


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My oh my, what a truly engorging story ;-)