Monday, July 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasure...

Renato Ferreira is from Brazil, but there are so many hot Brazilians along with other hot Latin men everywhere, it doesn't matter where they are from. All that matters is that they are so freaking hot!

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Renato was discovered by the man behind 40 Degrees Models, Sergio Mattos. I don't know what they're feeding the boys in Brazil, but I say, keep it coming! Due to a feature on the blog Made In Brazil, Renato's profile was raised to an international level. Since then, he's appeared on the covers of countless magazines and ad campaigns.

Seriously, you might wanna have a cold drink handy to cool youself down! By the way, this is the first time I ever see a caucasian model wearing a jade pendant in a photoshoot. To the chinese, jade is the most prized mineral and is regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious, just like Renato himself =]

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