Saturday, July 09, 2011

Not Right But Okay...

So I saw Two Boys at the ENO last night and it's a bit disappointed (I tried not to say the 'S' word). Maybe my standard of opera has gone up a lot in the last few months. I mean, the story itself was actually quite interesting (see below), but sadly the whole opera was let down by the music and the singing. Oh well, to me it's still better than Parsifal by Wagner.

The events of which Two Boys present an adapted version took place in Manchester, England, in 2003. A teenaged boy was stabbed by another, slightly older teenaged boy. Initially, the case looked straightforward. Subsequently, the police investigation uncovered the fact that the older individual (named Brian in the opera) had been duped into believing that he was in touch, via the internet, with a whole group of different people - a girl, her brother, dangerous elements and international spies - one of whom eventually appealed to him to meet and stab him, as he was about to die of some fatal disease. Brian obliged, though the 'victim,' Jake, survived. It turned out that he had invented and represented all the other, fictitious people, his internet-borne fantasy causing him to commission his own murder through the agency of someone with whom he believed he was in love.

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