Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet Another Profile...

"Looking to meet new people and see how it goes. If you wanna have a chat, then message me. Just be aware if you are just after sex then you are looking at the wrong profile.

READ BEFORE: I am not being rude, this is just my preference, the reason I am saying these is because I DO NOT want to waste mine and your time, I hope it doesn't offend anyone :)

1. No face pics = No reply
2. Bad Teeth = Please move to next profile
3. Over 35 = Please move to next profile
4. Too Camp = Please move to next profile (I can find a little campiness sometimes cute)
5. Over 6ft2 or under 5ft4 = Please move to next profile
6. If you are a time waster = Please move to next profile"

Well, after reading his profile, it seems like I don't need to move to the next profile! Too bad I just wanna have sex with him... NEXT!


edmondie said...

which site is this dude on? would love to check him out though!

A.d. said...

I never understood why people, who seek for friendship and are strongly AGAINST sex or one-night-stands, put nude of almost nude pictures of them selves, or their ass, or some erotic move?