Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyone's A Winner But...

So my FIFTH ANNIVERSARY Competition is over and thank you all for participating! You see, initially I was only going to have ONE winner, yes, it's you GSUS! But I had decided to give out one more gift to PAV, my honorary winner, who is the FIRST and a regular commenter of this blog. So congratulation to you both and I'll contact you two shortly =]

Until then, as the title says, 'Everyone's A Winner' so here's a small gift I'm bringing you to enjoy! The only thing I wanna say about this is, why can't this be happening in London Underground? Arghhh!


Anonymous said...

Dear Will,
I'm totally surprised and extremely grateful.

Many Thanks!!!!

Congrats to GSUS!



BosGuy said...

OMFG - that's hilarious... only in NYC. Love the heels.

GSUS said...

Thanks a lot PR8! I'm glad you liked my comment. Un saludo desde Madrid!
By the way, I've been in New York this week and I haven't seen this kind of "entertainment". Oh, pitty, XDDD