Friday, August 12, 2011


I managed to share my experience of Amsterdam Pride with all of you and it's INCREDIBLE! You see, this is my first ever Pride outside the UK and I have to say the Dutch know how to party! Just check this video that I recorded at the Pride street after party!

Having been to London Pride for the past three years, Amsterdam Pride has brought a completely new breath of excitement to me. The atmosphere, the floats (they really float!), the colour, the participants, everything. There's nothing like it in England!

To me, it seems that the Dutch are more 'open' and 'free' when it comes to Gay Pride and you can feel the happiness, joy and celebration in the air! Dank u Amsterdam =]


Westernstock said...

Thanks for sharing all that joy with us.

Anonymous said...

thanks to all you tourists and locals from all colors under the rainbow you made this pride so special the atmosphere in the city was beautiful and dont forget to come and party with us at the gay monument next year