Monday, August 22, 2011

Yet Another Profile...

"1. Don't pretent you want to be my friend if you just want me to f*ck you. 2. You don't need the key to my heart to get my ass. 3. Being a bottom is far from being passive. 4. If you think that being a top or bottom is some how connected to your masculinity, pls see a shrink. 5. Chating about sex is boring, cause there's often a huge gap between what people say and what they do. 6. I'm a b*tch in life, I'm a slut in bed, and I can deal with both. 7. Great sex is about giving, not receiving. 8. A big tongue doesn't make a good kisser then why a big dick would make a good f*cker? 9. Usually, I have sex with people I like and I only spend the night with people I love.

I'm more into dates than hookups. Although when you meet someone you like, sometimes you have to see what the sex is like first to see if you are compatible in that department and take it from there!"

So what do you think? Is he after sex or dates? Yes, he might come across as a little arrogant, but honestly, I would have him ANY day! And you know what? His point number nine is so true to the point that I would have sex with him throughout the night (and day) =P

P.S. Keep the entries of my Fifth Birthday Competition coming!

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PaperadiGomma123 said...

I love this profile: it's sincere, it goes straight to the point and he's damn sexy :)