Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dirty Positions...

Position is everything. Different sex positions can enhance sex life and make sex more exciting. I mean who has sex in one position nowa- days? So here are three common positions possible for gay men who want to enjoy their sex lives to the full!

ANAL DROP - The passive partner sits on top of the active partner. This position is good for the passive partner to take control of his experience although it causes the anal muscles to narrow by using the pelvic muscles so as to support the passive partners position.

It allows for deep penetration. Varitions are to sit facing your partner or with your back to them.

MISSIONARY - Allows for deep penetration of the anus and intense stimulation. With the Passive partner lies on his back, resting his legs on the active partners shoulders. The active partner, resting on his knees leans forward to come face to face with his partner tilting the passive partners pelvis upwards.

Changing the angle of penetration will alter the intensity and stimulate different areas of the passive partners anus. If the passive partner rests only one leg on the shoulder will also alter the intensity and stimulation.

DOGGY - Very popular for anal sex. The passive partner rests on his hands and knees with the active partner kneeling behind him. This position narrows the anus as it involves using the pubic muscles which can make it a painful position for the passive partner.

The active partners force of penetration can make it a more uncom- fortable experience if he is too hard. Using lots of lubricant and relaxing the anus with stimuluation before penetration will reduce discomfort. Also if both partners move in a similar motion and slower speed it can reduce it the discomfort further.

Personally, I love missionary for its intimacy. In missionary I am filled with his need between my legs, him driving his need into me, and also able to kiss deeply, swirling tongues, thrusting hips to meet his need, which is as much my own. And the hands, my hands are free in missionary, to feel his back, his bum as he tightens and thrusts. For me, missionary captures more of my senses, those from my mouth, my fingers, my hands, my legs wrapped around him, or toes together as he thrusts in a position using my feet to brace himself. I get to wrap my arms around him and hold him. I'm a missionary man =P


dkbimd said...

As long as I get to look in his eyes as I slide into him, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

The kama sutra says that the missionary position is the most emotionally satisfying position. And i agree... Lol

Maduro said...

I like to much the dog position, because my passive partner keep in an a so offered position.....but when is time to cum, I need to look in the eyes of my partner, in order to see the pleasure he is feeling.

Anonymous said...

totally pro-active power bottom here. i like to get on all-fours and present my butt like i'm heat and get mounted. but i also love the visual aspect of mish, kissing, they eye contact, and especially the look on his face when he plants the seed -- so hot. mish is easier with big boys cause pushing my legs back really opens my hole.