Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirty Story P1...

When I was a student I used to supplement my grant by working during my vacation at a London hotel. The hours I was expected to work were long and unsociable and the money was not too good but a job was a job and as they say 'beggars can't be choosers' so I put up with the disadvantages and looked instead for the advantages. And by advantages I meant other ways to make money.

The first job I was given was in the scullery where I spent ten hours at a stretch washing dishes and pans. This was a real drudge and so when the opportunity arose to fill in for one of the porters who was off sick I jumped at the chance. Not only did this give me the chance to move about the hotel more, I also met the guests and helped them with their luggage for which I normally received a tip. Although all tips were meant to go into one pot to be divided amongst all the staff it was well known that only a proportion went in that direction and the remainder went straight into the pocket of the recipient. So I not only had a better job but also a bit more money.

We worked twelve hour shifts with a couple of hours off in the daytime. That meant that I started at seven in the morning to help the guests who were leaving up until seven in the evening to assist the new arrivals. By the time the shift was over I felt too knackered to do anything else except get something to eat and fall asleep. I shared a small apartment with another student working at the hotel which was a tube journey away and so I never had any real time to go out and enjoy myself except on my day off. They guy I shared with was straight but knew I was gay. He got his oats by shagging the waitresses and chambermaids which of course did not interest me. There were a few gay guys at the hotel but it was rare that any opportunity arose to have fun together and besides which I didn't really fancy any of them.

During term time I continued to work in the evenings part-time at the hotel. As the hours I could work did not suit the duties of a porter I became a room service waiter. This was a real eye-opener for me as it enabled me to see what the guests got up to in their rooms. Even the most respectable of them were known to sneak girls in and out to satisfy their carnal desires. Some of the other guys doing the same job as me told me that I could earn extra money by helping this to take place behind the backs of the management.

'All you have to do is ask them if there was any special service they want you to do,' one of them told me.

I remembered this advice and when the next time I took a late meal to a male guest one evening I casually remarked.

'If there's any service I can do for you, sir. that is not offered by the hotel please ask,' I smiled suggestively at him as I said this. The use of sir and madam when addressing the guests had been drummed into us by the management so that it came naturally.

'Thanks,' he said and returned the smile with a knowing wink. 'I'm a bit tired tonight but maybe tomorrow I might want a bit of company.'

'Very good, sir' I said. 'Let me know I can make sure she can get in and out without being seen by the bosses.'

'I was not thinking about female company,' he said and he gave me another smile and a wink.

'I'm sure I can help in that direction too, sir' I said without batting an eyelid.

'I would be very glad if you could,' he said and I saw he was eyeing me up and down. I now knew not only what he was after but who he was after as well. Why find a rentboy when you can be one yourself.

'I'm available, sir, anytime after I finish my shift,' I said quite pointedly.

'Perhaps I'm not so tired after all,' he said. 'What time do you finish tonight?'

I told him eleven o'clock. He told me to bring him a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses at about that time. I agreed and got on with my work. It was nine o'clock.

I didn't have much time to think about what was going to happen later as it was so busy. There was another single guy who I served to whom I made the same suggestion but he told me he wanted to have an early night.

Just before eleven o'clock I picked up a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and took them up in the lift to the guest I had made the arrangement with. I knocked at the door and he let me in. I put the tray down and told him that I had to change and clock out before I could join him. He was happy about that and then I broached the subject of payment.

'What sort of tip were you intending to give me, sir?' I asked.

'How much is the going rate round here?' he asked in return.

I had checked with another gay waiter earlier and he had told me what the going hourly rate for a call girl was. I mentioned this to the guest and he didn't flinch instead he said.

'What about if you stay the whole night?'

'I reckon about four times that amount should cover that, sir,' I responded.

Again he didn't seem shocked. He opened his wallet, pulled out several notes and counted them on the table next to the tray I had put down.

'There, that's what I'm happy to pay. Do we have a deal for you staying the night?'

Although what he had put down was under what I had quoted, it was more money than I had made in several weeks of hard graft.

'You've got a deal,' I said. This time I deliberately dropped the sir.

I was about to pick up the money when he said.

'No, leave it there. Pick it up when you return after clocking off.'

I nodded and left the room. I had no further duties and so I changed out of my uniform and clocked myself off so that my shift was officially over. I took the service stairs up to his room so as to avoid the observation of the reception staff who did not miss a trick. No more than five minutes since I had left him I was knocking at his door again. He opened it and ushered me quickly inside. He was only wearing a bathrobe. I noticed that the money was still were he had left it.

'I was about to take a shower would you care to join me, Luke?' he said as I went over to it, picked it up and put it in my wallet which I then stored in a shoulder bag I had with me. He had called me by my name which he must have remembered from the badge I wear with my uniform.

'Call me Jack,' he said.

As he spoke he let slip the bathrobe revealing that he was totally naked. This bloke was probably in his mid-thirties and looked perfectly fit. His cock was uncut and flaccid but hung below his balls and I reckoned it would be quite large when erect. I took all of him in with one glance.

'Sure, why not, Jack' I said. 'I've been on my feet for the last six hours and I need something to freshen me up.'

I was about to take my clothes off when he approached me and said he would rather do that for me. I do love it when a guy undoes my clothes and they fall off one by one. I was wearing a loose jacket over a t-shirt. The black trousers I wear for work had been replaced with jeans. He pushed the jacket off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. Next he ran his hands inside my t-shirt up and over my chest feeling my abs, pecs and hard nipples. He was about the same height as me and while he was feeling my chest I ran my hands over his.

In contrast to my hairless chest he had a lot of silky hair which felt great when I ran my fingers through it. As the hair reached his belly button it tapered inwards and then tapered outwards again as it reached his groin and the top of his thighs. All of it was jet black, the same colour as the hair on his head. My hair in contrast was natural blond. Gradually as his hands started to wander over my back the t-shirt was lifted over my shoulders and joined my jacket on the floor. He pulled me close to him so that our bodies were touching. I love it when this happens as the warmth that radiates from somebody else's body into mine really turns me on. I could feel my cock getting harder as his hand held me in a tight embrace.

His face was close up to mine and I could see his lips which were quite thick and extremely kissable. I didn't want to lead the way however and waited until he wanted our mouths to join. This was but a few seconds later because he held my head with one hand and angled it so that, as he also angled his, he could bring his lips onto mine. My mouth was quite relaxed and accepted the pressure of his so that the sensual transmitters and receptors in our lips and gums made immediate contact and gave instant pleasure to both of us. This was quickly followed by our tongues which only added to the arousal we both felt.

This arousal was most obvious in our groins and mine, still covered by my jeans, was pressed hard up to his and as he became erect I felt the movement of his cock against mine. Without looking I knew he was very big and forced myself against him even harder to appreciate the mass of flesh that my body had aroused in him. I wanted my jeans and pants to be pulled off so that we could enjoy flesh on flesh contact but he was taking his time still savouring the erotic joy our mouths were generating.

'If he can be so skillful with his lips what will it be like when other parts of our bodies join together,' I thought as with my eyes closed I let myself be absorbed by him.

After some while the kiss ended and he relaxed his embrace. My body moved back slightly which was just sufficient for him to undo my jeans and slide down the zip of my fly. He had his hands on my buttocks now and once more our crutches were pressed together. Having undone my jeans a little bit my rigid cock was able to assume a more comfortable upright position which made the gyrating of our hips as we ground our members against each other easier and infinitely more satisfying. Slowly he eased both my pants and jeans over my bubble butt until my cock was free of any clothing and rubbed flesh upon flesh against his.

I felt I was going to collapse as tremors of sheer pleasure seemed to run through me. He knew this and steered me to the bed. I fell on my back with him now on top of me. He continued his relentless pressure on my body and began to kiss me again. Our mouths were wide open and our tongues deep inside each other. I could taste him and was relishing it. I felt so relaxed in his arms that when he suddenly released all contact I lay as if helpless on the bed while he started to undo my trainers and remove the remainder of my clothing.

'We've got all night,' he said straightening up and I lay there wondering what was going to happen next. 'Let's take that shower now, have a drink and then get to know each other.'

I was disappointed he didn't want to continue with his lovemaking as I felt so engulfed by it but I remembered he was paying and therefore calling the shots. I sat up and saw he was already heading towards the bathroom. I followed. I had only caught a glimpse of what grew between his legs. But that coupled with the hardness that had dug into my body convinced me he was very large in that department.

He had turned the shower on before he faced me and I saw his erect cock for the first time. My heart nearly missed a beat as I saw a eight inch thick piece of meat that was pointing skywards and occasionally moving as it throbbed from the blood running through it which also gave it a livid bright reddish purple colour. If I had known how well endowed he was it might have been me wanting to pay him to make love to me and not the other way round.

I was not unused to big cocks having had a regular boyfriend who was equally well-endowed I knew what potential delights lay in store for me and my mind was as equally aroused as my rigid dick. We spent several minutes under the shower soaping each other and ensuring that every part of the body received its share of cleansing balm and caressing hands. When I touched his tool for the first time it felt like I was gripping a thick tree branch. It was solid and unyielding but best of all it was alive.

We left the shower and towelled each other dry. He picked up the bottle I had brought, quickly opened it and took a swig from it and then handed it to me. I took a swig as well.

'Would you like to have a massage,' he asked out of the blue. 'I'm a sports masseur and have the oils with me.'

I had never had a professional massage before and thought, 'why not'.

'Yes, I'm horny for you already but if you are going to run your hands all over me I'm sure I'll be hornier still.' I said encouragingly.

'Jump on the bed then face down,' he ordered.

I did as he asked and heard him rummaging in a bag before he came back over to where I was lying. He handed me some poppers.

'Have a sniff of these as I rub your back. It will help you relax more and get better satisfaction from my massage.

I opened the bottle and sniffed the poppers as he poured a pool of oil onto my back. When his hands began to move in circles on my back the poppers took effect and my brain was taken over by the chemical and physical stimuli over which I had no control. Added to this was the sexual arousal which, rather than go away as I got turned on in other ways, had increased as he was kneeling on the bed with his legs either side of me so that as he leaned forward to rub oil into my shoulders, his dick and bollocks rubbed against my arse.

This man knew how to pump ecstasy into a fellow human being and I was sure he would be expert in other kinds of pumping as well.

'I've never done this before,' he said as he continued his massage. 'I have massaged many athletes and have been really turned on by them but have never dared to do what I am doing to you now. I have only been able to imagine it.'

My mind was capable of hearing what he was saying but not able to respond. Instead his soothing voice entered my head and made me yearn for more of his attention. He had moved down my body slightly and was massaging my buttocks and thighs. He eased my legs open a bit and his hand slipped in between. It was the first time he had felt that sensitive area of my body. I let out a low moan as he stroked me from my balls to my cock and felt his fingers lightly touching my hole.

He spent about a quarter of an hour massaging me while I lay on my front. When he had finished he told me to stay lying that way but he placed all the pillows under my chest so that my head was off the mattress. He then knelt in front of me and my mouth was at the same height as his cock. I didn't need to be asked and opened it and he moved closer feeding his cock into my orifice slowly. Because of its thickness I had to stretch my mouth really wide but I could accommodate him. I had deep-throated guys before but no-one this big. I hoped I would be up to it. He knew what he was doing though because the position he had me in meant that, with my head up and my mouth open, there was a straight passage through to my throat.

To be continued...

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