Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Unzipping Journey...

So I opened today's Evening Standard and found a completely random news story to share with you all. Seriously, who would have thought porn scenario like this could actually happen in real life?!


A passenger who fell asleep on a train woke up to find his trousers had been undone while he was asleep. The 24-year-old was travelling from Brighton to East Croydon late at night when another passenger undid his zip. British Transport Police are treating it as a sex assault and have released CCTV of the suspect.

Detective Constable Andy Parkinson said: "The 24-year-old from Burgess Hill was travelling on the 11:02pm Brighton to London Victoria service and had fallen asleep during the journey. He woke up to find his trousers had been undone and an unknown man was sitting next to him, pretending to be asleep."

"The victim, who was incredibly traumatised by the incident, shouted at the man, demanding to know hy his trousers had been undone and then chased him through the carriage. We know from our enquiries that the man left the train at East Croydon station."

Police have appealed for witnesses.

Seriously, the 24-year-old must be in a VERY deep sleep as not to feel his cock is being sucked by the stranger. And why would the stranger still sit next to the 24-year-old (and pretending to be asleep) after he's finished blowing him off?

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Anonymous said...

Very true, why stick around? This is a typical news story written in such a way as to insight the readers to rage. When if you stop and think for two secs it really has holes in it. The two guys both were asleep and one was molested yes the other slept on till screamed at. Simple get in and get out before they wake is very much more like it. NOT sit there. The other guy should file charges now on the first with undone pants for assault. But he will not as he just wished to get off the train and away from the crazy men beating him. But the papers will NEVER write that! makes for BAD NEW! Does not serve THEIR PURPOSE! right?