Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dirty Story P2...

I was still holding the bottle of poppers and he took it from me and held it under my nose. I breathed in deeply with each nostril and all the reflexes in my throat that might have reacted to his huge helmet were overcome and his cock easily entered my gullet and I felt his balls rub against my chin. He then started to fuck my mouth. I used my tongue on his helmet and closed my lips around his shaft to add extra stimulus to him but I couldn't manage any actual sucking.

He continued fucking me in this fashion for about five minutes, a couple of times stopping to allow me to snort some more poppers then he pulled out of my mouth altogether. I didn't know whether I was glad he did or not as I would have loved for him to have deposited his cum in there. But we were a long time from reaching a climax to this lovemaking. He moved me into another position so that my lower abdomen was resting on the pillow and my head was on the mattress. He gave me back the poppers and I was able to sit up enough to sniff them when I wanted.

He came around to my arse and opened my cheeks. He ran his fingers along my crack as he had done before except he lingered around my hole and I felt a finger being pushed inside. It was still lubricated with the massage oil and went in easily. He worked his finger in and out for a few seconds put in another and then a third. I remained still although the temptation to push back on his hand and get his fingers deep in me was almost irresistible.

Having loosened me up well he rummaged in his bag again and came back with a dildo. He showed it to me. It was about seven inches long and two wide. It was quite formidable to look at but I wanted him to insert it in me and just smiled as he rubbed it against my face. Attached to it was a tube and a round ball. I had no idea what the purpose of them were.

He had a tube of KY and he liberally applied it to the dildo. Once ready he told me to take a sniff of the poppers and allowing time for them to take effect he proceed to push the dildo inside me. Because of the work he had dome in relaxing me the cock shaped object slipped in me without pain and he worked it in and out a few times.

'It's now going to get bigger,' Jack said to me. It was the first time he had spoken for some time. 'I will do it very slowly and if you stay relaxed and it won't hurt in the least but will be very pleasurable.'

I tired to glance behind me but the position I was in and the the pillows made it impossible to see him or his hands. He wasn't touching me but the dildo was beginning to stretch my ring. Gradually it seemed as if it was growing inside me.

'You can't see what I am doing,' he said after about half a minute. 'The dildo inside you is inflatable and I am blowing it up. It can get to nearly twice the width of when I put it in you first of all.'

'Wow,' was all I could say.

'It should not hurt you but if it does just let me know and I will stop.'

I stayed perfectly still as over the next five minutes he pumped air into the dildo and it grew and grew inside me. He was right it did not hurt. On the contrary as it stretched me gradually I began to feel hornier and hornier.

'How does that feel?' he asked.

'Really good,' I replied. 'But I would like to see it inside me.'

He got me to roll over on my back and raise my legs in the air. Then he went and took down a mirror from the wall and positioned it so that I could see my arse reflected in it and clearly view the base of the dildo that was embedded in it. Because the dildo was black and was in me right up to the base, it appeared as though my hole was open to a diameter of nearly four inches.

'You have been sufficiently stretched to get a sizable fist in there,' Jack said. 'But we'll do that later. I think it's about time I got my cock in there instead.'

I had never been fisted but with him having stretched me this far I knew it was something I could manage and I looked forward to 'later' as he put it. In the meantime I remained lying on my back with my legs in the air as he rummaged in his bag again. He found another toy and having greased it up put it to one side.

He gripped the base of the dildo and began to pull it out slowly. It had not only grown in width but in length as well. What had started out as seven inches was now about ten. He showed it to me when it was completely out and again rubbed it against my cheek. That action made me appreciate by how much it had grown.

He put a condom on his cock and greased it thoroughly. Although he was very long and thick he was smaller than the inflated dildo I had just taken. I hoped that my anus and rectal passage would shrink sufficiently to wrap around his dick when he entered me. He had already allowed for this and when he pushed the toy that he had greased and put to one side into me I knew he was going to insert his dick at the same time.

The toy was only about an inch and a half in diameter and was curved with a round knob at one end. It was this end that entered me and Jack worked it around in my rectum until he knew he had found my prostate with it.

'This is a prostate massager,' he said. 'It will massage your prostate as I fuck you at the same time. It's also a vibrator so will work independently of me.'

He hadn't yet switched it on as he positioned himself to push his cock in me. I felt the tip of it resting at the entrance to my hole. I then felt it opening me up and sliding in. I took a sniff of the poppers as it made its way in inexorably. Finally I sensed that the base of his dick was resting against me. I had ten inches of his thick meat inside me I put my hands behind his neck hoping that he would lean closer and we could kiss as we had when we first started shagging but he tool no notice of me but turned on the vibrating massager instead.

Suddenly my body seemed to be out of control as my prostate sent tremors through me from top to toe. Having it touched when being finger fucked had sent me into spasms before but having it massaged by a vibrator as well as being filled with cock moved the pleasure gained into another dimension altogether. I didn't think it could get any better but he then start to fuck me. He tool full advantage of the length of his tool and went in and out of me with such precision as if he was a piston in a cylinder. The prostate massager continued to take me over the edge and I was moaning, crying and drooling uncontrollably.

I was not bothered how long I was going to be subjected to this rapture. My mind was incapable of thinking and like my body was out of control. He knew he had me where he wanted and it was where I wanted to be as well. After what might have been hours of him driving his cock in and out of me he finally exploded but because of the condom all of his cum was collected in the rubber sheath. This was perhaps the only disappointment of the whole of his lovemaking because after all the preparation he had put us both through neither he nor I got the satisfaction of him leaving his cum inside me.

He withdrew from my arse slowly having first turned off the prostate massager. I could see the condom hanging from his softening cock at it left my body. It was heavy with cum. Jack stood up and reached for one of the wine glasses I had brought. He took off the condom carefully and poured the contents into the glass. It went about a quarter way up the sides of the glass. Next he pulled out he prostate massager and helped me to sit up. He had the glass in his hand.

'Would you like this?' he said passing it to me.

I love drinking cum. Usually straight from a cock or maybe licking it up from someones chest. I had never drunk it from a glass before. I had no hesitation though and took the glass, held it to my lips and let the creamy contents disappear into my mouth. It had cooled slightly but I still managed to extract all the taste from it. It tasted every bit as good as I had hoped and I was reluctant to swallow it. I let it bubble out on my lips and then took it in my mouth again. Finally it had got so diluted with my saliva I had to swallow it. I hoped that I would get another load from Jack before the night was over.

'It's your turn to come, now,' Jack said. 'But as you like having your prostate massaged so much I am going to do it myself as you wank.'

He went to his tube of KY again and this time applied it liberally to the whole of his hand and up past the wrist. He got me to lie with my arse nearly hanging over the edge of the bed. I was propped up with pillows so that I could see what he was doing. He knelt on the floor while I had my legs resting on his shoulders. My hole was facing him. He clenched his fist and placed a leading knuckle against the rim of my hole and pushed. I yielded straightaway and he slowly entered me. I picked up the bottle of poppers again and took a deep short from it. The effect of the poppers coincided with him getting his hand right inside me past his wrist and his locating my prostate and starting to massage it in a way that he only knew how.

I grabbed my cock and started to wank it as the poppers and massaging worked its magic with my brain and pleasure centres. He had had me in his power for a couple of hours and now he still had me in his power but this time it was so that I got maximum pleasure. I wanted the euphoria that gripped me to last forever but such was the excitement generated inside me from all angles that an explosion was inevitable. That explosion was the culmination of the best orgasm I have ever had. As my body reached the pinnacle of sexual excitement I felt a well-being that I never thought possible it was coming in waves and each wave was bigger than the last. Then there was the release of my cum all over my neck and face. It had been so forceful that none of it had landed on my chest. It went on for several seconds and even a full half minute later I was still spasmodically jolting as it went through me again like and earthquake after shock.

Jack withdrew his fist and it was like air escaping from a puncture. I felt deflated. I lay on the bed and, with my finger, scooped my cum up into my mouth not wanting to say a word. Jack had got up and was swigging from the wine bottle again. He held it in front of me.

'It will help you to recover,' he said. I sat up and took it from him gratefully and gulped down a large mouthful from it. It hit the spot straightaway. He sat next to me and I leaned my head against his chest.

'Where did you learn to shag like that?' I asked.

'That's my secret,' he said enigmatically and I knew that no amount of questioning would elicit an answer. Instead he said, 'Let's get some sleep and go for round two.'

I knew I was shattered but the thought of reliving the experiences he had put me through made me start to go hard again and I was ready without the need for sleep. But again I recalled that he was paying me and acquiesced. We lay on the bed with only a sheet covering us and he put his arms round me as he pressed himself against my back. I was aware of his cock pressed against my arse which only added to my continued arousal.

Sleep came over me quite suddenly though and I lay relaxed in his arms until light started to shine through the curtains and Jack woke up fully waking me at the same time. I looked at my watch. It was 5am.

'Come on, let's have a shower together and get on with unfinished business,' Jack said.

I couldn't think what might have been left unfinished from last night but I got up and joined him in the bathroom where we both washed the remnants of sleep away and readied ourselves for another bout of shagging.

This time he made love to me in a more conventional way but it was nevertheless exciting and stimulating. I asked him to cum in my mouth instead of in a condom and he obliged. I let his cum coat the inside of my mouth and tried to keep it there as long as possible so that the memory of the taste of this fabulous guy would remain with me. The time marched on though and I had to get up and get ready for lectures that morning. Life still went on no matter how much you are enjoying yourself. It was now seven o'clock and I gave him a quick kiss and left his room quietly and headed for the back stairs.

I got out of the building without being seen and headed for my apartment. By the time I got there it was nearly eight. My lectures began at ten and so there was time for some breakfast. My flatmate got out of bed as I started to eat a bacon sandwich.

'What happened to you last night?' he asked. The he looked at me. 'Don't tell me. I've seen that expression many times before. You've been shagging haven't you. And all night judging by the look of you.'

I said nothing but smiled and felt warm inside as I remembered how I had sold my body and received equal value in return.

I turned up for duty again that evening and although Jack was still staying there that night he did not call on me for room service and in some ways I was glad because another night of such extreme shagging would probably have killed me.

I never met another guy like him at the hotel but there were other occasions when I took on the role of a rentboy usually only for a quick wank or a blowjob for a few quid. There were also two other occasions when I spent the night with a guest but they're another story.


masean said...

Love the story. You write well. I don't want to come off as a know-it-all-jackass, but I want to help you out. The word "prostRATE" means to lay flat. The male organ is spelled "prosTATE". Hope that helps. Can't wait to read your next entry!


Anonymous said...

This was a great story and had me hot from the beginning. A super way to start a hot afternoon in the islands before some beach cruising to see who might be available. Wil look forward to some more. Aloha. Paul in Hawaii.