Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Relationship Investment...

Have you ever stopped to consider how much you would invest into someone (e.g. money, time, effort) to be in a relationship?

I mean really, you go through all of these emotions and feelings to try and be with someone for what? For a hypothetical 'game' being played to see who will admit to liking the other first? For a whole bunch of strain and self evaluation of whether or not it's even worth it in the end? Sigh...

When can you truly know that you've reached a point where you feel like all your struggles and sacrifices to be in this relationship are working out in your favour? Is there a set moment when you can truly realise if this is the best situation for you? I've been racking my mind lately on what the ultimate cost-benefit analysis of a potential relationship is.

The purpose of the relationship cost-benefit analysis is to see how much you would be profiting from the time you're investing into someone based off of the emotional output they are giving you. If it's not a mutual give and take in terms of communication and general respect, then it's a shaky investment to put your emotional stock in and you should probably fall back. But if you are seeing a generous return on your investment, then it might be time to buy into this relationship.

I understand not everyone's standards for a great return on investment in a relationship cost benefit analysis are the same but just make sure there's a standard. And make sure you stick with it, because if you just accept any offer that put on the table then you stock will plunge like Cher's neckline!

So know your worth and invest wisely in your romantic endeavors. I've made my mistakes and I chose to learn and grow from them =]

P.S. After a four-month break, I finally met up with Mr. T's on Monday night for dinner at his place. We cooked, we talked, we laughed, like the good old days. But it's different. I didn't have that 'urge' for him like I used to and it felt great!

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