Saturday, January 07, 2012

Be Inspired...

Let's start something new for 2012 shall we? This is a new topic called 'Be Inspired...' and as the title says, let us all be inspired and stay motivated and positive =]

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Jeremiah Andrews said...

Hey there.

You just made my (night/day/morning). I saw this writing on a friends blog and I was feeling down so I posted it on my blog. And then, just here, before I went to bed, I stopped by this blog, and low and behold the same writing is on your blog with the author.

Mother Theresa.

It just lifted my heart to know that she spoke these words. She is a patron saint of mine, I have a tattoo that I got for my tenth year sober anniversary on my arm with a quote from her. Now I know she is watching out for me.

Thanks so much for this, it meant a great deal to see it here.

May 2012 bring you love, joy and happiness.