Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing It Straight...

Does anyone remember this incredibly trashy yet highly addictive show called Playing It Straight from 2005? It's a 'dating' show where if the woman chose a straight man in the end the two of them would walk away with £25,000 each. However, if she chose a gay man she'd get nothing and the gay guy would get £50,000. How evil is that?! LOVE IT!

Guess what? The show has made a return on E4 (started Monday 09 January 2012) with Jameela Jamil (whatever she is) as the host and the brilliant Alan Carr as the narrator, and I'm so glad I've set up my new TV in time to watch the entire series in HD!

So far, Fletcher (Gay/Straight/Bi) has walked out from the show while Filippo (Straight) and Kyle (Gay) have been sent home by the woman. And who will I support? Sven and Dean all the way!


Westernstock said...

Love that first pic of all those lovely guys in seductive jeans!

Lukius said...

I'm from the US, but the premise of the show reminds be of the Lifetime's Gay Straight or Taken. Where the woman has to guess which guy is already taken, gay, and single+straight.