Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Through The Window...

Arghhh! I felt so gutted! Just had my 3-seater sofa delivered and guess what? It's TOO BIG to go through the door and I watched the delivery men taking it back to the depot in front of my own eyes!

Basically they said the angle was too narrow between my front door and the wall next to it and the only way to get the sofa in was to go through the window (as I live on the first floor). Hmm, it just seemed kinda complicate to arrange, so sadly, I decided to return my lovely sofa back to the store =[

Oh well, at least I learned somethin' - BIGGER not necessarily BETTER. And to avoid future heartbreak - Always MEASURE! MEASURE again! Find someone else to MEASURE! And have them MEASURE again!

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Westernstock said...

Sorry about your disappointment. Better luck with the next choice!