Saturday, March 03, 2012


In this era of super casual dating and friends-with-benefits, does such a creature exist? You see, I've had several amazing dates (with/witout sex) with Peter Pan now and I'm still not sure how to classify him.

Sometimes we spend years desperately searching for the elusive boyfriend. Sometimes we discover he's been lurking in our habitat all along. So how can if you've officially bagged yourself a boyfriend? Is there a standard waiting period before you're pre-approved for boyfriend/boyfriend status? And when should you pop the delicate boyfriend question?

Or am I just thinking TOO MUCH over my head here? Help!


wish the day simple it is said...

I totally understand your situation, I personally have been through those kind several times, so what I am suggesting is that, if u like him, and don't mind to wait, then let him to pop the question of being exclusive, or taking the initiative, I mean what u can lose from it? hope this could help. and good luck x

Anonymous said...

Finding a relationship is not hard, but making one to work is… I am with my boyfriend for 6 years now and since I have to watch as everything we build together falls apart I wish we would never have met! There is a lot of guys out there who want a serious, stable and loving relationship with other guys, so don’t waste your time and go and find one! See you at Jay’s Brannan gig next month!